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Parent Groups

Tabonuco wants to help you as you parent your children. We offer different groups that both support your needs and teach you practical ways to interact with your child. Our groups are a more cost-effective way to work with our qualified and experienced clinicians. We cater to your needs to help you feel more capable and in control, and we want to walk alongside you on your journey of parenting! 

Parent Group 2024

Tabonuco is offering an eight-week group designed to support you as you interact with, and parent your child or adolescent.

This group teaches skills to relate to your child, reduce behavioral issues, and strengthen your relationship between you and your child. 

  • Dates: Sunday, March 3rd - April 28th 

No meeting on March 31st

  • Time: 4:00pm - 6:00pm

  • Cost:

    • $75.00 per person, per group for non-clients

    • $50.00 per person, per group for current clients*

    • 10% discount if you pay for all the groups up front

Email us for more information and to sign up!

*To be considered a "current client" you need to be actively meeting with a therapist at Tabonuco.

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Check back for other upcoming groups

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