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"Growing Deep Roots"
We believe that people have the capacity for growth with the support that they need. 

Forest Trees

Hi, I am Dr. Phipps, the owner of Tabonuco. I started this practice because I believe that everyone has the capacity for growth with support. 

Tabonuco refers to trees native to the forests in Puerto Rico. The roots of these trees are grafted, or intertwined, together to provide support for the whole community of trees. If one tree is in trouble, the other trees send nourishment to support the distressed tree. These trees also grow slowly, ensuring their roots are strong and deep within the ground. The root grafting and strong roots allow the tabonuco tree to withstand strong storms that may arise.

Like this community of trees, I want you to have the support you need as you walk through hard times. I have personally built a team of therapists who want to help you grow deep roots. I believe every person’s situation is unique, and you deserve respect and an individualized plan that meets your needs for your specific journey. Because of this, I have personally trained our therapists to assist you in your journey using a multi-modal approach that can be adapted to you, can help you weather this storm, and withstand future challenges.

We work from several different theories to match the specific needs of each client. 
We are also trained to do EMDR with both children and adults.

We are also an approved provider for APT and EMDRIA



Monday - Saturday

By Appointment  


Sunday - Closed



7215 Lebanon Rd, Suite C

Mint Hill, NC 28227



Phone: 980-403-9161

Fax: 833-422-2120

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